Shai Aran, Ph.D  is the District Inspector for English. She has held this post since 1994.  Shai visits all schools in the District, elementary, junior high and high schools. She runs Hishtalmuyot in the teachers' centres throughout the District, and encourages all teachers to attend and keep on attending.

Shai Aran has an MA in TEFL and a Ph.D in education. She has published two text  books and  lectures at the David Yellin  Teachers' college . Shai Aran is happy to meet teachers at her reception hours in the office on 22 Kanfei Nesharim,  Jerusalem 91911 room 313 on Mondays between 1 3pm. You can reach her by phone 0506 6283031 and at


Valerie S. Jakar, affiliate representative of ETAI-IsraTESOL for many years, is an  ethnographer and  sociolinguist,  engaged in teacher education, counseling, and  professional development projects  such as mentoring for ESOL teachers, and  the promotion of  global issues awareness and peace education through content-based language instruction. She has worked in education for almost forty years, counseling  and supervising pre-service and in-service teachers in the various sectors of Israels education system

S. Jakar


 Howie was born in South Africa and has worked in education all of his adult life. He grew up in the Youth Movements in South Africa and has been educating formally and informally for over 20 years. His passion for computers is contagious and HE really wants to see this site of the Jerusalem District soar into cyberspace and be successful. "There are hundreds of sites on the internet just waiting to be found and utilised. This site will attempt to tap many of those existing resources" he says. Howie is an English counselor specializing in CALL - "Computer assisted language learning". You can reach him by mail at




Elana is a veteran teacher in elementary and Junior High school classrooms and began her teaching career at the Kibbutz Tzora school.

She has developed and written educational material, including the Youth Magazines and four textbooks. She is currently working as a counselor for the Machoz, as well as teaching prospective teachers at the David Yellin College of Education.





Rachel Lipshitz was born in New York and has over 30 years teaching experience. Since making Aliyah in 1991, she has taught English on every level, ranging from elementary though college. She is currently the coordinator of the English language department at Efrat's Aseh Chayil elementary school. In addition, she lectures at the Efrata Teacher's College in Jerusalem and at the Herzog Teachers' sCollege in Gush Etzion. Rachel is also a counselor in the Jerusalem district.