Picture Description Activities

Introduction - PowerPoint Presentation

Description Cards 

Pupils get picture cards/ID cards and

describe the person

 Pictures (PowerPoint)

Pupils look at the picture and describe it

(oral / written presentation)

Teachers can print each picture on a construction paper

or present it using computer and overhead projector

Some of the pictures are with word bank

and guidance questions for teacher use

 Other Activities



 ID cards to talk about  My Bedroom / 2

 Bank of Performance Tasks - Task 1

 Cards with a picture and questions  The House  Games to Use in Class
 Pictures & Word cards (1)  (2)  - By Naomi Mula  Family  
 Kids Around the World  The Classroom / 2 / 3 / 4  
   At the Beach  
   Outside / Free Time  Winter  
   Tell a Story  
   Daily Routine  
   At the Theater  
   Hidden Picture / Find the differences  
   What are they going to be when they.ppt  
   At the Pet Shop